How to Conceive a Boy

In 2016, a drunken father in Southeast China was at his wit’s end. He had a wife and two children, and was the source of much mockery from his fellow villagers. The reason? Both of his children were daughters. In the culturally traditional Chinese village, this was seen as a failing.

Downing five shots of alcohol, the man decided to “punish” himself for his inability to sire a boy. He took a knife and removed three centimeters from his penis.

Doctors were able to successfully reattach the broken member, but after much protest from the man. He didn’t want it put back together; to himself, he was a failure, and did not deserve to have any more children.

The gender of your children should never be the most important thing — but for many people around the world, there’s still a strong cultural pressure to have children of a certain gender.

While there’s no surefire way of ensuring the gender of a child short of genetic manipulation, there are at least steps you can take to increase your chances. If the Chinese gentleman had known the tips outlined below, he wouldn’t have felt the need to take such drastic measures against himself!

So, how could someone who desperately wanted a boy, give themselves the best possible chances of conceiving a boy?

How to Conceive a Boy

Time Your Intercourse Closer to Ovulation

According to the Shettles method of gender determination, the closer to ovulation you conceive, the more likely it is to be a boy. The thinking is that sperm with a Y chromosome are faster, so they’ll reach the egg sooner. This gives them the best chance of fertilization.

There are many ways to track ovulation. Charting is the most cost-effective method. Ovulation prediction kits are also available.

You can even get more specific with timing. Not just in terms of the day to conceive, but the hours to attempt conception. Intercourse should be after 5AM, and ideally before 7AM. This will again increase the likelihood a boy is conceived.

So for the best chance of conceiving a boy, some time around 6AM the day before ovulation should do the trick.

Choose Your Sex Positions Carefully to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

The Shettles method makes two assumptions about Y-chromosome sperm. The first is that they’re faster, as mentioned above. The second is that they’re weaker.

What this means is they don’t last quite as long in the vaginal canal or uterus as X-chromosome sperm. The further towards the opening of the vagina they’re deposited, the less likely they’ll survive the trip to the egg.

The trick here is to choose positions that deposit the sperm as close to the egg as possible. For that, you’ll need to go deep.

Doggy style is the preferred method when trying to conceive a boy. It allows for the deepest penetration, giving the Y chromosome sperm the best chance at fertilizing the egg. Missionary, by contrast, should be avoided; the penetration isn’t as deep, and the sturdier X chromosome sperm are more likely to survive.

The Female Orgasm in Relation to Having a Baby Boy

The woman’s orgasm can affect the likelihood of male conception, according to the Shettles method.

If a woman orgasms before, or at the same time as, her partner, the chances of a boy increases. The muscular contractions give the already-faster Y chromosome sperm a speed boost, allowing them to reach the egg sooner.

It is therefor imperative for the man to ensure the successful climax of his partner if he wants to conceive a boy. Selfish lovers, it seems, end up with girls.

How to Conceive a Boy – Test Tube Methods

This Y chromosome faster/X chromosome slower idea can be used for gender determination in artificial insemination. This is known as the Ericsson method.

By straining the sperm through a solution, “fast” and “slow” sperm can be separated.  If a boy is desired, the “fast”, Y chromosome sperm can be collected together and used as the sperm in artificial insemination.

It looks like a 6AM doggy-style romp the day before ovulation could have been the difference between this man mutilating his penis, and having a son.

Keep in mind, these methods aren’t conclusively proved — as we said, the only way to guarantee the gender is through careful genetic manipulation. But if it comes down to “conceive a boy” or “cut off half of your penis”, well, we know which we’d rather try.