How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

There are many who say that having a boy or girl is a 50/50 chance and something you have no control over. While you can’t guarantee that you’ll have a specific gender, you can take steps to help conceive one in particular. It is worth looking at how to conceive a boy.

With these tips, you may work out how to conceive a girl. However, we’re focused on how to get a baby boy. Most of the time, conception is a game of timing or has been linked to the positions you try. Here are five tips to conceive a boy.

Gender Selection – Get the Timing Right

Contrary to popular believe, not all sperm is made equal. That isn’t about sperm from different partners but the sperm from the same partner. Some sperm in a release is more resilient than others, and that’s certainly the case for the sperm carrying the female DNA.

Boy sperm is more likely to die off early, so if you have sex a few days before ovulation then the boy sperm may have died before the egg has been released. Meanwhile, the girl sperm sticks around, ready to fertilize the egg. After all, some sperm can survive for three or so days within the woman.

So, if you want to conceive a boy, you want to think about timing. It’s important to give the boy sperm a chance to get to the egg to fertilize it. You and your partner will want to use ovulation test kits to know when you’re closer to ovulation – or even when you’re in the middle of it. They’re like pregnancy tests but tell you if you’re ovulating or not instead of if you’re pregnant or not.

Conceiving a boy? Think About Your Diet

One of the popular tips on how to conceive a boy is to look at your diet. Studies have shown that high potassium diets are good for conceiving boys. Diets higher in sodium can also be good.

This isn’t anything new. For a long time, people would tell their daughters and sons that a high potassium diet was good. Well, they’d share that eating bananas would help with having a boy, which is a fruit with some of the highest potassium levels.

However, bananas can be high in carbs and cause some dietary or weight gain problems. Berries are another excellent option and can often help you kick that sweet tooth with something healthier than chocolate. Likewise, you want sodium but without causing health problems. Sprinkling some Himalayan salt or some sea salt can be good to improve the chances of having a boy.

Tight Underwear and Gender Selection

What type of underwear does your partner wear? If he has tighty-whiteys, he may want to make a change to boxer shorts. This is all linked to the resilience of the boy sperm. One of the top tips on how to conceive a baby boy is linked to wearing looser underwear. You aren’t a gender predictor, so we are trying to influence the natural course as much as we can.

Tight underwear can restrict blood flow downstairs and lead to killing some of the sperm off. The boy sperm isn’t that resilient against these types of problems, so will be the first to die off. This just leaves the girl sperm to stick around and get to the egg. So, if you get looser underwear and avoid killing off the sperm, there’s more boy sperm to fertilize the eggs. Out of all the information on how to increase your chances of having a boy, this is an easy thing to adjust.

Make Sure the Woman Orgasms

While the male orgasm is necessary, a female orgasm also increases the chances of having a boy. This is linked to creating a good space in the body for the boy sperm to survive.

A female orgasm releases an alkaline secretion. This is the perfect environment for the sperm to survive, male and female. Timed with your ovulation, it’s possible to make sure the boy sperm has a chance to get to the egg.

An orgasm is good for conceiving a baby boy. The contraction of the muscles can help to pull the sperm in, meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard.

A female orgasm during sex can be difficult. You can make sure the woman starts with an orgasm (to get the alkaline secretion, orgasming before the man helps a lot), or you can find a position that works perfectly for the female to reach her climax. Sometimes it can mean getting rid of the stress of conception and simply enjoy the night.

Sex Positions for Gender Selection

You want to make it as easy as possible for the boy sperm to get ahead. This means thinking about the position. One of the best options is doggy style. It allows for deeper penetration, making it easier for the boy sperm to reach the egg first.

If this leads to the man orgasming quickly, it could be something to use at the very end. Make sure the woman has had at least one orgasm and then make the switch to help have a baby boy.

Standing up and straddling on a couch while the man is sitting up are other options to help gain the deeper penetration. Straddling can be one of the best for helping a woman orgasm, as the nerves get attention during sex.

But if the boy sperm is less resilient, how does the deeper penetration help? Doesn’t that give the girl sperm a better chance?

Boy sperm may not last as long, but it is quicker. If you get the timing right with the deeper penetration, you help the boy sperm get a good head-start on the girl sperm. Shallower penetration means it takes longer for the boy sperm to get to the egg and there’s more chance of dying before getting to the cervix.

Using the above tips on how to get a baby boy won’t guarantee your chances but they will strongly increase them. You’re more likely to give the boy sperm a head start, which it needs against the girl sperm.

Of course, the best thing you can do when looking at how to conceive a boy is to have fun. Relax and try not to think too much, reducing the stress and improving the sperm’s likelihood of reaching the egg.